Here we sell Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here we sell the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here we sell the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Greece

Here we sell the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Greece, produced by first cold extraction.

The Olive Oil

Your food is your medicine.

Olive oil is the oil from the fruit of the olive tree. It is a key part of the diet of Mediterranean people and is absolutely healthy.

Let us not forget that Christ blessed three things: the wheat, the wine and olive oil.


In Greece the olive prosper-grown much since ancient times, it is a staple food of the Greeks, it is known this from Greek mythology, where is not myth but reality.

Great privilege for Greece is that it matches the olive in the climate of Greece perfectly. The Greeks averagely consume around 30 lt of olive oil a year per person.

Olive oil is produced by crushing the fruit and then pressing the pulp and separating the olive oil from the water and other suspended particulates which come from the flesh of the olive, and is created at olive presses.

Therefore we have the natural consequence of residues that appear when the olive oil settles.

Collecting olives is a particularly laborious process.

Olives can be collected in various ways: (I cite the ways against row of healthfulness of the olive oil produced, with the healthiest method first, and the least healthy last) by hand, using vibrators, using rakes of olives, by beating the trees, using machinery with rotating heads with short plastic strips, and lastly a mixture of all these methods.

The first three methods are almost equivalent in terms of the quality of olive oil produced. More specifically, I would say that the olive fruit must not be hit or damaged.

The quality of the olive oil depends and on other factors such as, the time that elapses between harvesting and of the pressing the olives in the presses, ensuring that the temperature of the olives has not increased, (because they need coolness since they increase their internal temperature on their own) until they are taken to the olive press, whether they are well ventilated, ensuring that they are not crushed during the collection process, that they do not fall on the soil (of course they are washed) or if had good crop of olive oil that year, he had not illnesses, etc.

The olds years in certain regions or collection was made by run-nets and wait until the fall alone, but this was very limited and mainly in the Ionian Islands. Fortunately this is now almost disappeared because of poor quality olive oil was.

The best olive oil comes from the olive mills with cold pressure, namely the older olive mills, they had been fulfilling this goal (producing olive oil with a strong olive green colour), but not they had washing where they have existing olive mills, which continue to they use cold extraction.

Read more... The type of my olive is Koutsouroelia, derived from wild olive tree vaccinated and not nursery.