Greek Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

The Olive Oil

Your food is your medicine.

Olive oil is the oil from the fruit of the olive tree. It is a key part of the diet of Mediterranean people and is absolutely healthy.

Let us not forget that Christ blessed three things: the wheat, the wine and olive oil.


In Greece the olive prosper-grown much since ancient times, it is a staple food of the Greeks, it is known this from Greek mythology, where is not myth but reality.

Great privilege for Greece is that it matches the olive in the climate of Greece perfectly. The Greeks averagely consume around 30 lt of olive oil a year per person.

Olive oil is produced by crushing the fruit and then pressing the pulp and separating the olive oil from the water and other suspended particulates which come from the flesh of the olive, and is created at olive presses.

Therefore we have the natural consequence of residues that appear when the olive oil settles.

Collecting olives is a particularly laborious process.

Olives can be collected in various ways: (I cite the ways against row of healthfulness of the olive oil produced, with the healthiest method first, and the least healthy last) by hand, using vibrators, using rakes of olives, by beating the trees, using machinery with rotating heads with short plastic strips, and lastly a mixture of all these methods.

The first three methods are almost equivalent in terms of the quality of olive oil produced. More specifically, I would say that the olive fruit must not be hit or damaged.

The quality of the olive oil depends and on other factors such as, the time that elapses between harvesting and of the pressing the olives in the presses, ensuring that the temperature of the olives has not increased, (because they need coolness since they increase their internal temperature on their own) until they are taken to the olive press, whether they are well ventilated, ensuring that they are not crushed during the collection process, that they do not fall on the soil (of course they are washed) or if had good crop of olive oil that year, he had not illnesses, etc.

The olds years in certain regions or collection was made by run-nets and wait until the fall alone, but this was very limited and mainly in the Ionian Islands. Fortunately this is now almost disappeared because of poor quality olive oil was.

The best olive oil comes from the olive mills with cold pressure, namely the older olive mills, they had been fulfilling this goal (producing olive oil with a strong olive green colour), but not they had washing where they have existing olive mills, which continue to they use cold extraction.

Also another factor for to we have better quality of olive oil is, to not is the olives, overripe, because they raise acids. Acids can rise with the temperature during the transfer on boats, airplanes, cars, but little, for example 0.1 more, or accordingly.

From the produced olive oil, the more comes out in Mediterranean countries and minimal in others (which is of lower quality because the climate does not favour it and the olive tree does not grow everywhere), not worth mentioning.

From the productive countries, the best quality, take out the Hellas, at point, where the exported of this olive oil, use it for they mitigate with mixing, the poor quality, their own of olive oil, others olive oil producing countries.

It is worth noting that the kernel of olive (which is what is left over from the olive, after the extracted of olive oil, without of oil to feeding), when he goes to oil mills, which have high presses, produce secondary, tertiary olive oils, the kernel oils and other derivatives, which are unfit for consumption, because they have more acids to an extent not tolerated, neither in taste, because you it annoy the neck from the acids (as much as more acids it has, so more annoy the neck), nor from the rest organism is well tolerated.

In addition to know, because I like being clean and clear, that in the olive oil, there is not way to find other taste except of the olive oil and if not it has acids, you will not annoy nor the neck.

Everything else on the spicy flavors, chestnut, peanut, matching at kernel oils, is cases of cover-up acids, bastardy and chemicals elaborations. The same with light colors, where they escape olive green color.

General for Qualities

According to the current qualitative classification "virgin oil" are : the oil obtained solely by mechanical or other physical means, in circumstances that do not alter the oil, and which has not undergone any treatment other than washing, transfusion, of centrifuging and filtration.

Exclusion of oils obtained using solvents or using adjuvants having a chemical or biochemical action, or by re solidification methods or contamination by oils of other kinds.

Therefore, "virgin oil" is the oil "natural juice", which contains intact all the major components that contained within the fruit of the olive (vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, etc.) and by extension, that where has been all the beneficial health properties.

The “virgin olive oils” are classified and ranked analytically using the following names depending on their content of free fatty acids (acidity ) and certain special characteristics which apply to each category :

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (acidity ≤ 0,8%)

  • Virgin Olive Oil (acidity ≤ 2,0%)

  • Lampante Olive Oil (acidity> 2.0%) (unsuitable for consumption as is, intended for refining purposes or industrial use)

Healing properties of olive oil

The olive oil, has cleansing properties, but also pharmaceuticals, it can be used with lemon juice to keep the kidneys, bile purely, even for washing of hands, as did the ancient us ancestors, who smear their bodies among others and their used and for cosmetic.

It was also used by priestesses, in the priesthoods and the highest class of society.

The history it state that all three hundred of Leonidas, determined to fight to the bitter end and die for their country, their daub bodies with oil before the battle with Xerxes at Thermopylae.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, believed in the therapeutic properties of olive oil.

He mentioned that it was the ‘ideal treatment’.

He mentions around 60 medicinal uses of the olive to treat various diseases and conditions. The ancient Greek healers used olive oil to heal wounds, to treat insomnia, seasickness and cholera.

They also used it to moisturise and soften their skin or put it on their hair to make it healthy and shiny. Olive oil secret of longevity of the Cretans.

Modern scientists believe that it helps with brain functions, and our internal organs, especially the heart, since olive oil takes the place of harmful animal fats which are responsible for fatty build-up in the heart that leads to heart attacks.

She is also known, the dimension, where it has taken the issue the last years, with the property of the olive, in combating cancer.

Our olive oil

The origin of our tree oils are of wild olives vaccinated to Koutsouroelia variety and no nursery.

We are producers since we were born and we have not industries that produce harmful olive kernel oils or we make alchemies and others bastardy, etc., for it and our oil it constitute guarantee.

Our great satisfaction is that our customers are always happy with the quality and we do not anyone ever complained about the quality, on the contrary, they say ever the best words

The type of olive is "Koutsouroelia" which it famous for the quality of the oil and little acids where take out this.

The Koroneiki eg (which we do not have and she is famous) which she is good to eat as an olive, as and the plump olives.

Every new crop we produce undergoes chemical testing more than once so we can know if we will be able to achieve our targets. We have oil with only one flavor and unique, this of the olive oil, without you bothering neck by acids, it is with acuity 0.3, rarely 0.4, in the best years down and to 0.2.

Most importantly of all is that our olive oil is eco – biological, with cold extraction, without chemicals sprinklings, with supervision and we follow all instructions and rules to achieve of the target.

Our olive trees not artificially watered (as can be seen from the photographs), they are from hilly areas where the altitude is quite high, provide us extra virgin olive oil and at the same time the we have biological with certificate.

Characteristic is that we have olives trees, at the highest point that olive trees can withstand in the area.

After that, we can say that now has the best properties can be found in olive oil. Is excellent food all to eat it with lemon, oregano and bread, or you put Greek feta, olive oil and oregano, also it can be accompanied with raw small onion, etc.

It is also perfect in salads, because good oil appear when you eat it raw, something where you can not do with poor quality oils. It is also just as pleasant in cooked foods. You can consume it within the next three years (we recommend two years though).

Top video with olive paste, in the mixers.

Bottom video with olive oil coming out after the distilled.

At low temperatures it is only natural that the oil will freeze but it returns to normal when the temperature rises again. Store at temperatures of up to 18oC. Finally you enjoy good eat and good health.

Look you some photographs from our olive groves :

We undertake shipping costs so that you don't have to worry about shipping.

Gifts construction based on olive oil

We are in the pleasant position, to announce to you, that from now on, we make gifts, based on olive oil.

It's about constructions with ancient Greek statues, with best olive oil in our region.

We will continue our biological production and make the best for it

We aim as better quality than the biological, without spraying, drugs, chemicals, only with manure as fertilizer, which is the best of all.

For the moment we have biological olive oil certified and we are continuing with our top olive oils.

Important: If something goes wrong during shipment, and the package arrives damaged, please take a photo or video of it and send it to us.

Why this price and not less

Collecting olives is a particularly laborious process.

The olives trees where not artificially watered they have less production to olives and olive oil, but extremely finest quality olive oil.

To this we must add and that it is a mountainous region, which presents greater degree of difficulty:

From weather conditions because mountain regions.

From time which is approximately 3 hours to go and you to come the day on a dirt road.

This has as a consequence, the workers don't come , in this area to work, with result we are needed to pay them more money to come to work with food and travel expenses.

All these raise the cost of olive oil with great reward the quality of olive oil produced, which is unique because of peculiarity of the place, but and of climate which prevails in the area, forming more and the type of olive tree.

Because therefore the olive oil is top I can not send with slow shipping, risking so, to damaging partly the quality, in the storerooms of a ship.

Therefore I chose of first priority transportations with quota great cost